Family Stories

Our Own Story

My Child Was Saved

“has inspired a love of learning for a very young child who was paralyzed by the prospect of any teacher interaction and dreaded the thought of stepping foot on school grounds…the ability to make an education choice is crucial for families, and children can be saved by the parents selecting the educational program they feel is right for their child.”

A Grandparent’s Story

“Seeing how far this child has come speaks so much more than I could ever say with words.”

Why Cyber Charters Must Exist – A Student Perspective

“I have learned more in two years of cyber school than in five at a public school…no longer am I bullied, bored, and dreading school…I obtained the 504 plan I needed. At my old school, they denied accommodations requested by my doctor.”

FAPE, Special Needs and Homeschooling

“It seems that anytime homeschool comes up, people ask about socialization. I have to say that is something we’ve had to be mindful of, but not something we’ve found challenging…When I step back to think about it, they have a booming social calendar full of meaningful interaction with a wide variety of people of all ages and backgrounds not in spite of homeschooling but because of it.”

A Military Family Benefits from Education Choice

The Henry Family (Ginny, Shannon and Christopher)

“Education choice has allowed my daughter many unique, personalized experiences that she wouldn’t have been allowed otherwise. Military life is challenging for many reasons; but for us, working together to do what is best for our family makes our commitment, respect and love for each other even STRONGER. The freedom to make decisions for our children’s benefit is essential and is a right that should not be denied.”

Hybrid Homeschool is the Solution for This Lehigh County Family

“Homeschooling doesn’t mean schooling at home all the time.  It means going out and experiencing museums and listening to an interesting podcast or audiobook on the drive.  It means creating fun games for kids to play while they are learning.  It means learning fractions while baking a cake.  As parents, we know our children and their needs better than anyone else.”

The Evan’s Family Journey Into Homeschooling

7-year-old William

“Finding resources and places to go can be daunting for families; especially if your child has special needs. Tiffany has had difficulties finding tutors, and speech and occupational therapy opportunities are expensive and limited in her area. It was surprising to hear that some pediatricians can be anti-homeschooling and, as in Tiffany’s case, may attempt to pressure parents with special student needs to seek traditional school environments.”

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