Pennsylvania Law permits parents to serve as the student’s primary instructor for an at home education. A qualified state evaluator reviews their portfolio annually for compliance.  Many PA based homeschooling organizations are available, and may be themed in various ways, such as religious denominations or special interests.

Some homeschooling families participate in a “Homeschool Co-op”, where families and students can meet academically and socially. Co-ops do projects together, provide extracurricular and common-interest clubs, arrange field trips, or whatever else the co-op decides is beneficial. Co-ops are not only advantageous for the students, but also for the parents. Many co-ops are organized and facilitated by veteran homeschooling parents, who are familiar with specific area home schooling resources and programs.

Some homeschooling “co-ops” also provide hybrid learning opportunities. For instance, students would learn from home for 3 days of the week, and formal homeschool co-op facilitated groupwork, projects, and “classes” would be offered for the other 2. A quick internet search will easily provide you with more information about co-ops.

Review the information below to find the PA homeschool curriculum and PA homeschool requirements.

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