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123s of School Choice

What EdChoice’s research says about private school choice programs in America.

ABCs of School Choice

The comprehensive guide to every private school choice program in America by EdChoice.

The 2021 Curious Parents Guide to Education Options

“These aren’t just anecdotes. They are part of a larger trend. Over the past year, all across the country, “pandemic schooling” has driven concerned parents to rediscover something long-neglected in the domain of education: the freedom to choose among options.”

Pennsylvania School Choice Roadmap

Deciding where to send your child to school is a big decision, and you have access to more K-12 education options than you might realize. Navigating your options in Pennsylvania can help you find a school where your child thrives! This post by National School Choice Week will breakdown the six types of schools available to you,  as well as provide additional education resources and school choice news.

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