Gun Violence Threat Met With a Slap on the Wrist

April 10, 2024 | Sharon Sedlar

What would you do if your child was in a snapchat group and another child showed guns, ammunition, bulletproof vests, pictures of each child in that group, and said “You’re my next victim.  If I don’t get you this weekend, I’ll get you at school on Tuesday.  You’re done.”?

Katie details that, on Thanksgiving Day 2023, her 6th grade daughter, Kayleigh, was in a snapchat group with eight other children.  Kayleigh and a friend who was sleeping over told Katie what had happened.  Not only was a threat made, but the boy was apparently watching the friends during that day while they were out on the porch.  The boy said that he could see them, and they should “get back into the house” and stop talking.  So, when Katie found out about these events, she called 911.

Katie reports that the case went to court on March 25th. The child who made the threats received 60 hours of community service, and the incident would be expunged from his record upon completion.  He was given 2 days of out of school suspension.

The result for Kayleigh – the child who was threatened?  She has left the school and now attends a cyber charter program, where she feels safe.

Katie works from home two days a week to suit the cyber charter schedule.  The family luckily has friends, family, and neighbors nearby to help this single mother of four as a second child attends the same cyber charter (due to bullying and special needs).  The youngest children continue to attend district school in a different building, and thankfully Katie reports that the relationship with the district regarding those youngest children is healthy.

This is yet another example of why school choice is in such high demand.  Your life can change in an instant from a variety of sources.  And the primary and most important job of a parent is to protect their child, which Katie did so admirably.  In an education system where a troubled child remains and the threatened child must leave, education options are critical.

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