Our Mission

PaFEC seeks to join, support, and mobilize families and students in the pursuit of education freedom.  We believe that parents are their child’s best advocate and are uniquely positioned to choose the educational path that suits their child’s particular needs. We provide stories of lived experiences of Pennsylvania families and students, and seek to collaborate with other stakeholders to protect and expand education choice opportunities in Pennsylvania. By working together and putting our children first, we can achieve positive, lasting change for the generations of today and tomorrow.

Sharon Sedlar, Founder

Sharon Sedlar is a resident in the Brentwood area, right outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her extensive work experience in the project management, human resource, health, counseling, and parenting fields naturally lends itself (and her upbeat, motivational spirit) to positive and beneficial change for others.

Sharon was honored to speak to the PA Senate Education Committee in April of 2021 as a testimonial to the saving nature of education choice policy in the lives of her children.  She strongly believes that parents are uniquely qualified to make educational decisions for their children, and the rights of those parents should be respected; that there is no single educational offering that will ever suit every special and unique child.  Because of this phenomenal experience and overwhelming support, she feels compelled to work to protect and advance education choice for all those who need it.

By forming PA Families for Education Choice (a 501(c)(3) organization) she hopes to highlight the importance of education choice via all models, including homeschool, public charter, private, traditional public, microschool, pod, virtual, and anything in-between.

Sharon continues in her quest, traveling state-wide to bring students, families, educators, entrepreneurs, legislators, and other stakeholders together, aspiring to increase educational opportunities for all of Pennsylvania’s children.

My Child Was Saved

“has inspired a love of learning for a very young child who was paralyzed by the prospect of any teacher interaction and dreaded the thought of stepping foot on school grounds…the ability to make an education choice is crucial for families, and children can be saved by the parents selecting the educational program they feel is right for their child.”

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