Private School Choice: Myth vs. Reality

“There are many myths and misconceptions about private school choice programs. Despite the rhetoric, parents continue to demand school options and choose these programs to provide high-quality educational opportunities for their children. Today, almost half a million students are enrolled in voucher, tax credit scholarship, and education savings account (ESA) programs nationwide. Below we address some common ‘myths’ about these school choice programs.”

Public Charter School Myths vs. Facts

Separating fact from fiction when it comes to understanding Pennsylvania’s Public Charter Schools.

“My Child was Saved By School Choice

In April, Sharon Sedlar testified before the Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee, sharing her families’ story of school choice, and how cyber charter schools changed her daughter’s educational trajectory.

“My daughter then attended a cyber charter school, and in fourth grade, she participated in our district’s asynchronous cyber program. Being such a small school district, however, resources were very limited and competition for those resources was high…”

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