Homeless Teen Benefits from Cyber Charter

March 12, 2024 | Jessica B. | Coudersport, Pennsylvania

“Under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act [a child moved in with our family] due to his family situation. He was failing most of his classes, behind in credits, hated school due to bullying and had very poor attendance because he didn’t feel safe walking into the school building. The local school refused to even talk to me to address the bullying issue since I wasn’t a legal guardian and his family didn’t care so he had no one that could advocate for him. He planned to drop out at 18.

“This year for 11th grade he enrolled in PA Cyber. He is thriving!! His lowest grade is a C, when before that would have been a high grade. He has worked ahead and finished classes early to add more classes to catch up on his credits. He will now graduate on time. If it wasn’t for the choice to move him to online charter school he would have dropped out this past summer and not even made it to 11th grade.”

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