As a graduate of a public high school in Cambria County and soon-to-be mom, it is my greatest hope that I will be able to give my children educational options that not only give them valuable skills in the workforce but also edify their spirits, nourishing hope for their futures and good moral character. Thank you for your courage and hard work, WPFEC.


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Our cyber program offers a more robust gifted/accelerated program than anything our home district could provide. Plus we love the flexibility.


PACyber is great. My daughter is making friends, reading aloud in class, doing an in-person drum circle class and we’re going on 6 in-person field trips this semester. In class, I hear her giggling and showing our puppy to her teacher and classmates as they gather together before the lesson. As a 21 year veteran teacher, I am continually impressed with PACyber. Enrollment was completed in under a week. Login is easy, Academic Advisors are helpful and best of all – the regional office is staffed with WONDERFUL people. REAL people at a REAL place is a REAL solution! 

-Shannon, Centre County

My kids have excelled since having the opportunity to switch to cyber-charter.


Having the opportunity to switch to a cyber-charter school has been life-changing for me and my sisters

-Gabrielle, Age 15

Education choice saved my child.


Freedom and security

-Adele, Age 19

I couldn’t be more thankful for education choice we have in PA


I know this child would not be where she is without cyber schooling!


Our cyber charter offers so many clubs and field trips that our local schools don’t even offer.  The opportunities for learning are endless.


Education Choice means my gifted son has the opportunity to pursue his education at his own pace, asynchronously, without boredom.

-Jessica, Myerstown

Cyber schooling has helped me and my sisters get a better education.

-Jorja, age 17

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