Ways and Means Hearing on Educational Freedom and Opportunity

School Choice – A Parent’s Perspective

Sharon Sedlar’s Testimony on:
“Educational Freedom and Opportunity for American Families, Students, and Workers”
for a hearing before the House Committee on Ways and Means

“It is time to put power and increased resources into parents’ hands to serve each unique student’s needs most appropriately, particularly given the challenges today’s students face…Passing policy that will help ensure that those options are not limited to certain states, and that children across our great nation will have the chance to learn, is sorely needed and would be life-saving for so many.”

Empowering Parents: Watch AFC Staffers’ Inspiring Congressional Testimony

At the Ways and Means hearing on Educational Freedom and Opportunity, 2 AFC team members explained why the cause of education freedom is so important:  

“School choice is on the march in states across the country. But in too many state capitols, legislators are still blocking what their constituents want. That’s why members of Congress must do whatever they can to advance education freedom nationwide.”

Opening PaFEC Remarks

Our Story

Response to U.S. Representative Mike Kelly

The Importance of School Choice

Response to Chairman Jason Smith

Expanding 529 Accounts

Response to U.S. Representative Kevin Hern

529 Expansion Beyond K-12

Response to U.S. Representative Jodey Arrington

ROI on K-12 Expansion

Seven Key Moments from Ways and Means Hearing on Educational Freedom and Opportunity

“At a hearing on expanding educational freedom and opportunity for American families, students, and workers, witnesses shared powerful stories of how more educational options changed the course of their lives, created better educational resources for their kids, and helped their fellow Americans learn the skills and enter the workforce. 

“Members and witnesses discussed how expanding the potential uses of 529 education savings accounts to cover expenses like books, tutoring to help students catch up after online school, educational therapies for students with disabilities, and homeschooling costs, can help the wave of families who are searching for educational alternatives after multiple years of virtual learning exposed the failures of our nation’s schools. Beyond K-12 education, members also explored allowing parents and students to pay for a skilled labor or licensing program with a 529 account to end America’s shortage of skilled labor.”

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