“What we do today will champion education choice rights for our children’s futures.”

ALL children, regardless of economic status or zip code, should have full access 
to a wealth of quality education options to suit them.
Come and join us in working to improve the educational opportunities of ALL 1.7 million children in PA!

Our Mission

PaFEC seeks to join, support, and mobilize families and students in the pursuit of education freedom.  We believe that parents are their child’s best advocate and are uniquely positioned to choose the educational path that suits their child’s particular needs. We provide stories of lived experiences of Pennsylvania families and students, and seek to collaborate with other stakeholders to protect and expand education choice opportunities in Pennsylvania. By working together and putting our children first, we can achieve positive, lasting change for the generations of today and tomorrow.

As published by Broad + Liberty:

Sharon Sedlar: Stop putting special interests ahead of Pennsylvania’s children

By: Sharon Sedlar | September 21, 2023

“The courts have said that Pennsylvania’s educational system is broken. The PASS program can be part of the solution.

“Stop putting special interests in front of Pennsylvania’s children. Our Senate and Governor Shapiro have agreed to start bringing about positive change for those children most in need with the PASS program. It’s time for the House of Representatives to sign on as well.”

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By: Sharon Sedlar

“Teaching public school for 17 years changed my perspective on teaching and learning…Now, I work directly with families, helping them to take their child’s education in whatever direction they choose.”

“Many educators (and parents) are venturing out and creating new spaces for students and families – ones that, as Home School House, believes that “families should be able to ensure their children receive a valuable educational experience that also meets the needs of the family.”  There is no longer only one way to provide education to our children, but we need more to step up and answer the call.”

By: Sharon Sedlar

Parents and education professionals are creating immense and positive change in their own communities.  They’re reducing bureaucracy, returning focus to the children, respecting parent authority, and taking back education on their terms. We’re here for it!


By: Sharon Sedlar

The Malliard family story of overcoming bullying, accommodating their children’s special needs, and searching for safety and flexibility.

“We must continue to work on breaking down the barriers by creating and offering quality, individualized programming for our children. Giving our children the best possible chance in life starts with truly unbounded education.”

By: Sharon Sedlar

“Najimah feels that the PASS program, which offers scholarships to students residing in low-performing schools ‘is the way to begin to fix’ issues within our education system, including violence-inducing overcrowding, poor test scores and literacy, and inadequate transportation…If you care about the future of our children, you support the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success program.”

By: Sharon Sedlar

“Ensuring teachers are trained in the science of reading, requiring screeners and progress monitoring, intervening when necessary, and providing high-quality instructional materials for all are part of a comprehensive approach to make sure all students become strong readers.”


By: Sharon Sedlar

“As an education professional, I asked Gina a series of questions.  One question asked her to name three student-centered improvements she would like to see in education.  She said that a return to basics (pre-Common Core), less dependence on technology, and the current, new reading programs with more sight words and “old fashioned” phonics are a good start.”

By: Sharon Sedlar

“An individual child’s education – not just the knowledge acquired but their well-being and environment – is a precious gift and important stewardship. To be a good steward…means that we need to have a system which accommodates differences in a child’s needs, and everyone in the educational system…plays a part.”

By: Sharon Sedlar and Colleen Hroncich

“Enrollment in Pennsylvania district schools has fallen slightly more than 3% since the 2019-20 school year, a drop of nearly 51,000 students. At the same time, homeschooling and private school enrollment have risen 53% and 5%, respectively. There has clearly been an uptick in parents selecting options beyond their local district school, and the trends don’t show any signs of slowing as another school year wraps up.”

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Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools Annual Conference

Join the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools October 3, 2023- October 5, 2023 at the Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Conference Center located 2300 Lincoln Highway East. Lancaster, Pennsylvania!

2023 National Summit on Education

ExcelinEd’s annual National Summit on Education is the nation’s premier gathering of education policymakers, practitioners and advocates. Each year, more than a thousand state and national leaders convene for the annual event, providing an unparalleled forum for exchanging results-based solutions and strategies that can shape public policy so critical to transforming education. This unique conference serves as a catalyst for energizing and accelerating education improvements across the nation. 

2024 National Hybrid Schools Conference

April 19-20, 2024
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel

“We are thrilled to announce that the National Hybrid Schools Conference 2024 will return to the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel this spring! This past April, over 250 participants came together for an unforgettable conference experience that included unmatched opportunities for networking, connecting, and learning through educational sessions with discussions and presentations from industry leaders and experts.

“This year, we are gearing up to provide even more valuable insights, connections, and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Whether you’re looking to expand your network, deepen your expertise, or present your own insights, the National Hybrid Schools Conference is the place to be.”

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