Founder’s Welcome

Founder’s Welcome May 10, 2022 | Sharon Sedlar It’s hard to believe that almost a third of the new year is already over and there are only 8 weeks left in the current legislative season. This the time of year when activity on various fronts kicks into high gear: legislative bills, budget finalization, and primaries on the […]

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We aren’t anti-district

We aren’t anti-district September 14, 2022 | Sharon Sedlar We aren’t anti-district. We aren’t anti-district.We aren’t anti-district.I get so tired of making that point over and over again. Some district schools suit and serve students extremely well – but others most definitely do not due to a variety of factors.  Changing times and technology demand an

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A Quick Note

A Quick Note

A Quick Note November 17, 2022 | Sharon Sedlar Last week, I wrote about true education choice: the vision of open education opportunity for all children, regardless of demographics or income.  (And yes, I realize that this would require a monumental effort to remake the entire education system within Pennsylvania.)  While it may be easy

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Latest What is School Choice? “When discussing school choice, or education choice, and forming your opinion about a movement, organization, or idea, I encourage you to always ask yourself: Does this benefit the adults, or the children?” Kids’ lives and futures are at stake “…let’s open up the education pathways for alternate education methods to

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