You could be an edupreneur and not know it!

May 2, 2024 | Sharon Sedlar

Parents find solutions. Some parents create solutions. Because their kids need something more, better, or simply different.

Like Nichole Miller, a Harrisburg parent and teacher who ventured out after COVID to create Home School House.

Or Angie Wakeman and Rebecca Foley, co-founders of Providence Hybrid Academy in Coopersburg, who saw a need in their community and utilized their teaching and business skills to create a very successful, bustling 150+ student enrollment – with 50 more students on the waiting list (recently adding on high school grades with amazing reviews!).

Or Genevieve Peterson, of A One-Room Schoolhouse, a prior school professional who saw a need for her own family with limited acceptable offerings in her area. Their more than 200 students at 3 campus locations in Hickory, Franklin Park and Plum just further demonstrates the appetite for education options outside of the district system. (BTW – They’re having an awesome event on May 9th – click on the picture below for details and to register)

Or Jennifer Wolverton (previously a PA resident), who now lives in Georgia, and is taking her engineering industry experience to craft virtual math and technology education for students with Log Cabin Schoolhouse (and if have to say – the stuff she’s doing is SUPERCOOL!)

Have you ever heard of Prenda?  That program was started by Kelly Smith – a dad who realized his calling to education after teaching children computer programming after school at the public library.  Now, they have over 10,000 students in 15 states – and climbing!

Yes, it takes work – but there are so many who are there to help!  Just take a look at our new “Edupreneur” website section and see for yourself!

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