The Future of Education is Unbundled

August 3, 2023 | Sharon Sedlar

Envision a world where a parent could build a customized education for their child. Perhaps your child likes to be surrounded by books and appreciates the classical approach with in-person classes all day long; or loves to be out in nature with hands on tasks and free to learn on their own at their own pace; or maybe your child requires partial days in a structured environment, completing the balance of work at home; or they are a gifted athlete, artist, or dancer who must travel for competitions.

Picture the ability to choose where your child is educated – whether at one location, many, or none at all. A few classes could be provided by the district, a few others by the community college, and a few via correspondence – or not.

Imagine a schedule that would allow your child to establish one based on their own personal biological rhythms and sleep schedule, family responsibilities, religious tenets, or work schedule.

That’s called unbundled education. Some call it “modular” education. But either way, it means specially designed, interconnecting pieces of education forming a structure for your child that can be based on emotional, physical, interest, vocational, or any other number of needs.

In today’s day and time with all that technology has to offer, there’s no reason to think of education in any other way.

Unbundling Education

Joseph Olchefske and Steven Adamowski

“The mindsets of parents are changing—rapidly—as they make decisions about the schooling of their children. Over the past few years, a convergence of two megatrends—pandemic desperation and parental-rights politics—has driven many families to reconsider the traditional school model and find ways of “unbundling” their children’s schooling into discrete elements that are controlled by the parent rather than the school.”

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