Silos belong in agriculture, not education

January 25, 2025 | Sharon Sedlar

While speaking with someone last week, they belabored who was “at fault” for the inadequacies of the education system. This particular person, mother to 2 teachers, adamantly proclaimed that it was parents and administrators who were to blame.

As I sat there, a parent, I felt myself becoming angry. Sure – there are parents and administrators who could do better, just as there are teachers who can as well. But why the need to blame, rather than remedy?

Silos are used in agriculture to keep grain neatly in one place. Political and ideological silos occur when people surround themselves only with others sharing the same views. Cooperation is limited – purposely.

Education is rife with silos. People from all corners fight for their “piece of the pie”, what they think is best, or their “rights”. Children get lost in the power struggle. It’s a sad state of affairs when adults can’t put their own interests aside for the sake of the children for whom so many of them say they fight.

I wish every week were National School Choice Week, Public Schools Week, Catholic Schools Week, Homeschoolers are Awesome Week, and Grow Your Own Microschool Week. So that we could celebrate those who are educating, serving, and saving children. No division, only celebration. No silos, only solutions.

That’s the world I want to live in. I’m sure our children feel the same.

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