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Kaipod Learning

There has always been a close relationship between where you live and the quality of your education. And, we know from research that access to quality education has a direct effect on long-term life opportunities. This just doesn’t feel fair. Everyone should have access to great schools that support their children’s needs and interests.

National Microschooling Center

The National Microschooling Center is committed to advancing our movement by cultivating the diversified microschooling leaders and builders who bring their own backgrounds and strengths, advancing supportive policies, and connecting families seeking a new experience where their children thrive. 

Parents Creating Immense Change in Their Own Communities

By: Sharon Sedlar

“Parents and education professionals are creating immense and positive change in their own communities.  They’re reducing bureaucracy, returning focus to the children, respecting parent authority, and taking back education on their terms. We’re here for it!”

Vela Education Fund

VELA is a national nonprofit fund that launched in 2020. VELA invests in everyday entrepreneurs – students, parents, educators, and community leaders – who are envisioning new approaches that meet learners’ and families’ needs. These models include homeschool co-ops, microschools, after-school programs, and much, much more. VELA does not dictate solutions to its grantees. Instead, VELA trusts grantees to identify what their communities need and how they can best meet those needs. 

Yass Prize

The Yass Foundation for Education advances the four core STOP principles: Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding, and Permissionless education. 

Each year, the Foundation will reward dozens of organizations, building a growing network of innovative providers that demonstrate these qualities in their commitment to new ideas, technologies, and approaches to learning that bring education into the 21st century. The Foundation is powered by the Center for Education Reform (CER) in partnership with Forbes.

Yes. every kid.

Founded in 2019, yes. every kid. works to transform education away from the current top-down standardized model to a bottom-up approach that enables every family and student to customize an education that best matches their values and priorities.

yes. every kid. has charted a path as a top advocacy capability, providing policy analysis and direct lobbying to support policies that respect the dignity of every student.

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