Education Pod


Children who attend a Microschool or Education Pod do so as homeschoolers. Microschools are organized by parents, either with parents themselves teaching, or hiring an instructor.  They are based on a family’s needs, so might take place in a variety of places such as a home, community center or library meeting room. Class sizes are usually fewer than 15 students, with the schedules and curriculum tailored to fit the needs of each class.

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Pennsylvania Law permits parents to serve as the student’s primary instructor for an at home education. A qualified state evaluator reviews their portfolio annually for compliance.  Many PA based homeschooling organizations are available, and may be themed in various ways, such as religious denominations or special interests.

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Private School

Private Schools

Pennsylvania has more than 3,000 private schools, which can focus in different ways on how to educate their students; classical academies, and religious schools to name just a few, that come in various sizes, locations and costs.

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