Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit (OSTC) Program

This program, enacted in 2012, offers corporations tax credits for their donations to scholarship organizations that provide private school scholarships. Students meeting eligible zoning and income requirements are able to receive scholarships from those tax credits to help pay for educational expenses.


The scholarship organizations determine the amount of a scholarship, which has a limit of the school’s tuition and fees, or $8,500. Based on student population and students with special needs, increased amounts can be available. The average scholarship amount is about $2,000.


To be eligible for this scholarship, the student must live in a school zone where the standardized test scores are in the bottom 15% of public schools. Currently, those with household incomes less than $96,676 plus $17,017 for each child in the family are eligible. Students with special needs are eligible for these scholarships if their family earns 150% of the baseline income level or less, and those with the most severe special needs are eligible if their household income is 299% of the baseline income level or less.

How to Apply

OSTC scholarships are applied for through an approved Opportunity Scholarship Organization (OSO) in the area.

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