Take it from Cindy: “we have people inside those walls who will listen to us”

May 3, 2023 | Sharon Sedlar

PaFEC had a whirlwind week with a Kennesaw State University Hybrid Homeschool Conference in Atlanta, Georgia; and then off to Harrisburg for distribution of our “Faces of Education Choice” flyer.

But most importantly, we were honored to be joined in our Harrisburg visit by the Hall Family. I asked Cindy if she would offer a few words about her experience at the Capitol:

“Today I, my husband Ron, and our granddaughter Shyanne had the opportunity to visit with some of the Representatives at the Capitol. This was such an amazing opportunity for Ron and I, and an educational experience for Shyanne to have her voice heard concerning Education Choice. We were able to talk to Rep. Napoleon Nelson for a few minutes…he really cared what we had to say and thanked Shyanne for what she was doing!! That means a lot! Even though we weren’t able to see any of the other reps, as they were so crazy busy, we did get to talk to their staff and leave Shyanne’s story and flyers for Education Choice. Everyone was so nice and really listened to us…some even engaging with similar stories of their own. Yes, even staff members of the Capitol live with similar struggles as we do for their children and grandchildren’s education. They were able to relate to us!

“We didn’t know what to expect today inside the Capitol…but when we left it felt good to know we have people inside those walls who will listen to us; they have the same concerns, and they do care. There were only 7 of us today but I believe we will be the 7 voices they will remember from today. We’re looking forward to next year!!”


PaFEC exists to support parents, families and students in their education journeys. This Harrisburg visit is one of many in the works for a variety of education options, and we want you to join us – to share your stories and to help others understand the importance of education options and how to navigate them.

Please stay tuned for exciting news about our virtual and in-person events. And please let us know if there’s something you’d like to see!

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