Every single action matters

September 7, 2023 | Sharon Sedlar

As this school year gets off to its start, parents can feel pulled in many different directions. Now, the (somewhat) lazy days of summer and working on your own time and schedule are replaced by parent teacher conferences, extra curriculars, school supply hunts, school sports, dances, rushed dinners, and fundraisers.

I’ve been a “soccer mom” (and swim, and track, and school musical), PTO President, and school event coordinator – just to name a few. I know all too well how pulled parents can feel, especially at the beginning of the year when everything is hitting at once. And whether in one of the above “mom” roles, or in my own education choice advocacy efforts, I’ve always appreciated whatever time other parents can give to the effort. I’ve lived by, and frequently told others:

“We do what we can, when we can”
“We have a part to play, just at different times”
“Family comes first”

Throughout the years, I’ve throttled my volunteerism. Some years I can knock it out of the ballpark with 60 hours per week, and others I can barely even keep 2 balls in the air. Know that those asking for your time and talent are lucky to have you, and they appreciate your work in whatever capacity. Many hands make the work lighter (and more fun!)

I try to live by those mantras when working with other parents in my fight for PA students. Maybe they have time to make a phone call, throw us a quick quote, or spend a few minutes on the phone talking to us about their story. Maybe they have time to attend our January School Fair or a zoom meeting, write a letter, or pen an op-ed in the local paper. They might have time to come to a school choice rally, schedule a meeting in their legislator’s district office, or visit the halls of Harrisburg with us.

Whatever effort you can put forth, we appreciate it!  Every single action matters and makes a huge difference!

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