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Public District Schools

Public District Schools Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts offer education across the state, and also host many magnet schools that have specific themes such as math, science, technology or the performing arts. Magnet Schools Magnet schools are public schools that offer specialized curricula and programs that may not be available in the area district school. Most …

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Thought-Provoking Media

Thought-Provoking Media This media caught our eye. PennLive Editorial Board Meeting January 30, 2023 Week ending December 2nd, 2023 Week ending November 25th, 2023 Week ending November 18th, 2023 Week ending November 4th, 2023 Archives

Private Education Programs

PA Scholarship Tax Credit Programs Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program This program, enacted in 2001,  offers tax credits for corporate contributions to certain nonprofit organizations. These nonprofit organizations then use those donations to provide low and middle income families with educational scholarships. Funding Corporate tax credits are provided for 75% of the contribution, but …

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